Hi! I am Dr. Melba Bonelli at Dental Choice P.C. and I am one of the dentist here that you will see. I would like to share with you 3 of the major problems that you may encounter in trying to find a dentist here in the Marlton, NJ area.

1. Finding a dentist that will treat you as a whole person. Someone that will look at not only the dental but also the medical side of a person and bring it all together. Someone that looks at all of your health care needs.

Here at Dental Choice P.C. we do exactly that. Our patients experience a difference every day that they walk through our doors. We actually ask our patients to bring in with them their most recent medical records from their physician with their most recent blood work. We feel that those pieces of information are important and critical in creating a plan that is right for your dental health care needs.

2. Finding  a dentist that will not hurt you. Here at Dental Choice P.C. we go to all lengths to make sure that you have a pleasant and pain free experience every time you walk through our doors. We go the extra mile to do things like warm our dental anesthetic to make sure that it is a comforting experience that you have every single time that you are here with us. We go the extra mile and we really do make the difference.

3. Finding one that takes your insurance. Here at Dental Choice P.C. we participate with a variety of insurances. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the insurance maze. Click below, fill out your information, and a care coordinator will get back to you right away!