Dr. Melba Bonelli

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Dr. Melba Bonelli

For more than 35 years, Dr. Bonelli has been committed to providing the highest-quality dental care available. She is a Marlton dentist who conscientiously cares for each patient through the training of her staff and up-to-date technology.

As a Marlton dentist, Dr. Bonelli focuses on providing the latest technological breakthroughs in dental science and the finest dental associates and staff, which enable her to continually offer innovative products and services as well as unparalleled excellence in dental care.

Dr. Bonelli is a native of St. Thomas, the United States Virgin Islands. She has studied dental hygiene at the Forsyth School, Northeastern University in Boston, MA (1984). She earned her Doctorate Degree of Dental Medicine at Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia, PA in 1992. Additionally, she studied dentistry in the United States Air Force (USAF) at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., where she completed her Advanced Education in General Dentistry training.

She currently is a member of the American Dental Association and Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society Dr. Bonelli separated from the USAF in 1995 and now practices dentistry in Marlton, NJ, where she owns and operates Dental Choice PC.

Sleep Apnea

It may be very surprising to learn that a dentist plays a role in sleep apnea, but the truth of the matter is that, they undergo a lot of training to detect, diagnose, and treat actual sleeping disorders. With sleep apnea, the oral cavity plays a big part, this is where a dentist can be quite helpful.

Sleep Apnea

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symptoms of sleep apnea

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Some of the most commons symptoms go unnoticed. Don’t ignore these symptoms. Leaving sleep apnea untreated can cause serious health issues for you.

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With cutting-edge technology, your dentist can detect whether or not you have sleep apnea. If left untreated sleep apnea could decrease your life expectancy by 10 years.

Sleep Apnea


Did you know that Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form of sleep apnea. Your airway's soft tissue collapses as you have interruptions to breathing. This is called apnea's.

Hints of Sleep Apnea

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Did you know that snoring could be a sign that you have sleep apnea? Snoring is a prevalent symptom that most people overlook.

Your Airway

When a person without sleep apnea sleeps, their airway remains open. The air passes from their nose and mouth into the lungs. In sleep apnea patients parts of the throat and mouth drop into the airway causing their flow of air to be blocked. This most likely causes loud snoring and interrupts breathing for short periods.

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Spring forward this month and let us put your sleep health first. March is National Sleep Apnea Month.

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