Marlton Dental Teeth Whitening

The Dental Choice PC Marlton dentist office provides the newest technology for whiter, brighter teeth, including insight into daily brushing and flossing and effective tooth whitening treatments. You can obtain a substantially whiter smile through the expertise provided below.

In office tooth whitening

You can achieve a mega- white smile easily and simply through our teeth whitening process. A bright, white smile is achievable right in our office. One treatment in our office will provide you with teeth that are 6 to 10 shades whiter in less than one hour. Coffee, wine, and the natural aging process can cause individuals to experience stained and discolored teeth. Stained teeth that are properly maintained at home can still lack luster and shine. We provide teeth whitening expertise that brings big results. You can experience a professional transformation right here in our Marlton dentist office. Our professional, relaxing treatment is then followed up with tooth whitening strips. We provide you with the technology and service needed for achieving the whitest teeth possible.

Power Brush

We recommend a power brush for combating the cleaning challenges needed for natural teeth and crowns, bridges, and partials. Our recommended power brush has unique brush tips that are designed to handle cleaning effectively. The power brush is designed to meet the specific needs of each patient including the unique challenges presented by partials, crowns, and bridges. Partials present cleaning challenges near the clasp and between the partial and the gum. Crowns also present a cleaning challenge and close attention should be paid to the area where the crown and the natural part of the tooth join together. Bridges can present a combination of cleaning challenges similar to those found in both crowns and partials.

The power brush recommended by our office provides expertise that addresses each of these issues and more through the unique use of brush tips that are designed to fit into teeth crevices, between the teeth, and even below the gum line. Using this instrument properly will enable you to easily and quickly clean each tooth, one at a time. It is designed similarly to our hygienist’s professional cleaning instrument and it is very effective.

At our dentist Marlton office, we stress the importance of daily flossing and brushing along with the proper use of our uniquely designed power brush. Ideal hygiene is obtainable through the expert insight achieved through the consistent dental care provided at Dental Choice PC. You can obtain the bright, white smile of your dreams at our dentist Marlton office. Contact our front desk and make an appointment today for a cleaning, tooth whitening, or to purchase our recommended power brush.

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