We provide a wide range of services supporting our patients' dental needs.

cleaning teeth

Dental cleaning has several steps to clean the patient’s teeth properly. It involves taking a physical exam to detect any problems, removing plaque, tartar, gritting toothpaste cleaning, expert flossing, rinsing, and applying a fluoride treatment.

prosthodontic procedureProsthodontics is a special type of dentistry that involves designing and replacing teeth for reasons such as being chipped, broken, or missing.



This service is designed to remove pain and help restore your oral function by performing tooth fillings, root canals, crowns and even bridges along with dentures and dental implants.


endodontics proceduresEndodontics is a part of dentistry that deals with the dental pulp and tissues around the roots of the tooth. This is better known as root canal treatment. This is performed to help save the patient’s tooth or teeth.