Oral hygiene is of upmost importance to the health of your teeth and gums. Dental Choice PC Marlton dentist specializes in providing solutions for combating both decay and gum disease. Our dentists specialize is providing gentle care, in a peaceful atmosphere, that is congruent with the needs of the entire family.

Tooth decay is the result of plaque. This is a sticky bacterium that accumulates on teeth. It is able to penetrate the tooth enamel causing decay (cavities). Plaque should be caught before it causes decay. Cavities weaken teeth, lead to pain, promote tooth loss, and can create widespread infection in severe cases. Tooth decay is the most common disease affecting children in the US today; however, the good news is that oral disease and tooth decay can be prevented through dental sealant, fluoride, and daily care. The combination of sealant and fluoride can potentially irradiate tooth decay and disease in school-age children.

Marlton Dentist Preventive Care Tips Children:

  • Regular, nutritious meals (Avoid sugary foods and beverages)
  • Fluoride toothpaste and treatments
  • Regular cleanings and dental examinations
  • Dental sealant

Proper oral hygiene in childhood before the age of 14 leads to life long, healthy habits that will protect the child well into adulthood. Dental choice provides care for children, with a primary goal of prevention. It is important to head off potential problems before they can occur. Regular checkups and routine daily care are vitally important to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Healthy teeth require more than daily brushing. Another important aspect is nutrition and water. Fluoride is naturally found in water and plays an important part in the development of healthy teeth and in cavity prevention. Fluoride is derived from fluorine, which exists naturally in water. Water plays a very important role in tooth development and decay prevention.

Dental Choice PC specializes in total health including nutrition, vitamins, and water suggestions, providing reliable, natural sources for healthy teeth. The entire body’s health can affect the teeth and gums and vice-versa. Dental choice understands the importance of caring for the entire body; this holistic approach is beneficial to children and adults. Adults benefit from regular visits to the dentist for X-rays, cleanings, and examinations, as well as through daily hygiene. Gum disease is preventable if treated early.

Gum Disease Prevention

Dental Choice PC Marlton dentist offers specialized cleanings that reach under the gums, removing plague that has infiltrated the gum line. Excess plaque built up near the gum line is a sign that food debris has infiltrated the gums and has hardened there. Toxins are then permitted to gain access to the gum line, releasing bacteria that can eat away at the tooth and gum. Unchecked gum disease requires serious intervention, but it can be caught early, before it reaches that stage.

Gum disease can be treated through advanced technology offered through Marlton dentist. 85% of Americans over the age of 35 experience gum disease. Gum disease is the major cause of adult tooth loss and it leads to many medical conditions including: plug plots, heart disease, respiratory disease, type II diabetes, adverse birth consequences, chronic inflammation, and more. Routine dental checkups and proper at home care are critical elements to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Dental choice PC provides specialize treatment for gum disease prevention.

Gum trays are provided through the Marlton dentist office. These trays are designed to fit the patient’s teeth. A comfortable fit is guaranteed. It takes only a few minutes each day to banish oral bacteria that cause gum disease. This daily treatment decreases the need for more invasive procedures. Catching gum disease before it affects the gum line is very important. For more information on this highly effective treatment, contact dental choice for an appointment today. Your entire family will receive excellent care in the pleasant, positive atmosphere at Marlton dentist.

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